CleanVent ®

CleanVent® windows were developed in response to the specific needs of clinicians working in medium secure mental health hospitals to provide a safe, secure and hygienic environment for their patients.

Traditional secure sliding windows present problems when mesh became clogged up and cleaning the debris was done with a high pressure hose, with the risk of dirty water spreading outside the patient room.
CleanVent® is a revolutionary concept which is protected by GB Patent – GB2489127B European Community Design – No. 001789439 – 001-003 European Trademark – 009321183 (Class 06 and 19) UK Trademark – UK00002531228 (Class 06) UK Trademark – UK00002532169 (Class 19).

The sliding window, which is attack tested and approved for the medium secure standard has an embedded frame which opens to allow access for cleaning.
CleanVent® is Fendor’s best selling mental health window with a variation designed for low secure areas to.

Available in steel, aluminium and steel/aluminium hybrid.

Testing CleanVent® – check out the VT