CellGuard® Custodial Window

CellGuard® Custody Windows and Rooflights are ‘Approved for UK Government Use, for details contact CPNI.

A report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (Aug 12) identified that lack of natural light (section 2.26) as a major issue in Custody estate. Fendor’s new CellGuard® Custody Window, offers a solution to this problem. Years in development, Fendor has uniquely worked with the Home Office to develop a ‘bar free’ window which offers significant improvements over traditional barred windows without compromising safety or security. Most notably, CellGuard® Custody Window offers up to 71% improvement in light transmission, subject to project specification.

The window delivers outstanding performance, whilst the ‘domestic’ appearance of the window can have a calming effect on detainees, improving the environment for both detainees and custody officers. Used by Northumbria Police Authority and Avon and Somerset Constabulary amongst others, CellGuard® windows and roof lights are the 21st century solution to bars.

CellGuard® Benefits
Benefits of the CellGuard® window over traditional barred windows include:
• improved light transmission
• improved thermal performance
• non institutional appearance (no bars)
• improved detainee privacy
• improved environment for custody officers

For more information on the CellGuard® Custody range, please contact our technical sales team or CPNI.

CellGuard Window Rev D1