Understanding Blast Resistance

Fendor offers a vast range of blast resistant and bullet resistant systems including windows, doors, curtain wall and blast wall.

Fendor’s point of difference is our level of expertise underpinned by a history of ‘live’ testing at internationally recognised shock tube and arena test facilities both in the UK and in the USA.

Do different blast threats require different solutions?

The quick answer is yes. Any blast event falls into two basic categories: terrorist (standard explosives) or petrochemical. Whilst the devastation may look similar, the nature of the pressure wave and how we design to minimise its effects is very different.

Shock Tube Testing

Shock tube testing replicas a petrochemical blast event. In a shock tube test a blast resistant door or window is offered to the shock tube where the pressure is built up until the gauge specified foil retainer fails causing a massive impulse wave to explode against the test system. Unlike a terrorist type blast, the pressure wave in a chemical blast continues to build after the initial phase and the pulse is of a much longer duration. Fendor invested over £300k in shock tube testing at Baker Risk in Arizona.

Arena Testing

Arena testing replicates a terror type blast event. The test product is held in a bunker and placed at a predetermined distance from the controlled explosive. The pressure wave in a terrorist type blast is sharp and short. Fendor tested at the MOD facility at Spadeadam, successfully achieving outstanding results time and time again.

Fendor’s BlastLine® systems are designed in accordance with ASCE Design of Blast Resistant Buildings, GSA Standard GN04-005 and in accordance with the Petrochemical Industry Recommended Practice of Design of Blast Resistant Buildings April 1998 or relevant MOD standard.


Fendor’s range of bullet resistant systems are designed to achieve all of the levels of the US (NIJ 0108.01 and UL752) and European Standard (EN 1063 and 1522). Working chiefly with high grades of steel and special glazing, the products in this range are innately strong.  They can provide extremely high levels of security (e.g. FEBR standard.)

Bullet and blast combinations can also be produced.

Blast Resistant and Bullet Resistant Glass

Fendor is able to advise on the appropriate glass for your application as understanding the system is only part of the solution. BlastLine® Glass 4 and 5 is available and can be manufactured to incorporate both fire and physical attack resistance.

Due to the complex and sensitive nature of blast resistant products, please contact Nichola Hall, Technical Manager directly for more information.