BlastLine® Doors

The BlastLine® door range consists of both glazed and reinforced steel doors for protection against both petrochemical event and terrorist or other explosion.

BlastLine Steel Doors

A range of single and double re-infored blast doors are available to meet the specific need of each project.

Utilities, munitions, petrochemcial sites, refineries and other at risk buildings require doors that can withstand large shockwaves.

BlastLine® doors can be fire and bullet resistant offering unparalleled protection to staff and site infrastructure.

BlastLine Glazed Doors

There are two types of fully glazed doors: Alto (high blast resistance) and Basso Medio (medium blast resistance), designed for situations were an architectural appearance is required and were a clear view of the site is desirable.

Fendor BlastLine doors are fitted in the UK, the Middle East and Australia.